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mail_doedit.php File Reference

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 $isedit = true
 $error = ""
 $_REQUEST ["domain_id"] = $dom->get_domain_byname($res["domain"])

Variable Documentation

$_REQUEST["domain_id"] = $dom->get_domain_byname($res["domain"])

Definition at line 122 of file mail_doedit.php.

Referenced by m_mem\checkid(), m_mem\login(), and m_mem\setid().

$error = ""

Definition at line 42 of file mail_doedit.php.

Initial value:
array (
"mail_id" =>array ("request","integer",""),
"pass" => array ("request","string",""),
"passconf" => array("request","string",""),
"quotamb" => array("request","integer",0),
"enabled" => array("request","boolean",true),
"islocal" => array("request","boolean",true),
"recipients" => array("request","string",""),

Definition at line 29 of file mail_doedit.php.

$isedit = true

Definition at line 41 of file mail_doedit.php.