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do_actions.php File Reference

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 d ($mess)
 mail_it ()
 execute_cmd ($command, $parameters=array())


 $debug = 1
 This script check the MySQL DB for actions to do, and do them one by one.
 $error_raise = ''
 $LOCK_FILE = '/var/run/alternc/do_actions_cron.lock'
 $SCRIPT = '/usr/bin/php do_actions.php'
 $MY_PID = getmypid()
 $FIXPERM = '/usr/lib/alternc/'

Function Documentation

d (   $mess)

Definition at line 54 of file do_actions.php.

References $debug.

global $debug;
if ($debug == 1)
echo "$mess\n";
execute_cmd (   $command,
  $parameters = array() 

Definition at line 71 of file do_actions.php.

References $parameters.

$cmd_line = "$command ";
if (!empty($parameters)) {
if (is_array($parameters)) {
foreach($parameters as $pp) {
$cmd_line.= " ".escapeshellarg($pp)." ";
} else {
$cmd_line.= " ".escapeshellarg($parameters)." " ;
$cmd_line.= " 2>&1";
exec($cmd_line, $output, $code);
return array('executed' => $cmd_line, 'output'=>$output, 'return_var'=>$code);
$SCRIPT='/usr/bin/php do_actions.php';
// Check if script isn't already running
if (file_exists($LOCK_FILE) !== false){
d("Lock file already exists. ");
// Check if file is in process list
d("My PID is $MY_PID, PID in the lock file is $PID");
if ($PID == exec("pidof $SCRIPT | tr ' ' '\n' | grep -v $MY_PID")){
// Previous cron is not finished yet, just exit
d("Previous cron is already running, we just exit and let it finish :-)");
// Previous cron failed!
$error_raise.="Lock file already exists. No process with PID $PID found! Previous cron failed...\n";
// No need to remove anything, we're going to recreate it
//d("Removing lock file and trying to process the failed action...");
// Delete the lock and continue to the next action
// Lock with the current script's PID
if (file_put_contents($LOCK_FILE,$MY_PID) === false){
$error_raise.="Cannot open/write $LOCK_FILE\n";
// Get the action(s) that was processing when previous script failed
// (Normally, there will be at most 1 job pending... but who know?)
// We can resume these types of action, so we reset the job to process it later
d("Previous job was the n°".$c["id"]." : '".$c["type"]."'");
if($c["type"] == "CREATE_FILE" && is_dir(dirname($params["file"])) || $c["type"] == "CREATE_DIR" || $c["type"] == "DELETE" || $c["type"] == "FIX_DIR" || $c["type"] == "FIX_FILE"){
d("Reset of the job! So it will be resumed...");
// We can't resume the others types, notify the fail and finish this action
$error_raise.="Can't resume the job n°".$c["id"]." action '".$c["type"]."', finishing it with a fail status.\n";
if(!$action->finish($c["id"],"Fail: Previous script crashed while processing this action, cannot resume it.")){
$error_raise.="Cannot finish the action! Error while inserting the error value in the DB for action n°".$c["id"]." : action '".$c["type"]."'\n";
break; // Else we go into an infinite loop... AAAAHHHHHH
mail_it ( )

Definition at line 61 of file do_actions.php.

References $error_raise.

global $error_raise,$L_FQDN;
mail("alterncpanel@$L_FQDN",'Script do_actions.php issues',"\n Errors reporting mail:\n\n$error_raise");

Variable Documentation

$debug = 1

This script check the MySQL DB for actions to do, and do them one by one.

Definition at line 50 of file do_actions.php.

Referenced by d().

$error_raise = ''

Definition at line 51 of file do_actions.php.

Referenced by mail_it().

$FIXPERM = '/usr/lib/alternc/'

Definition at line 94 of file do_actions.php.

$LOCK_FILE = '/var/run/alternc/do_actions_cron.lock'

Definition at line 91 of file do_actions.php.

$MY_PID = getmypid()

Definition at line 93 of file do_actions.php.

$SCRIPT = '/usr/bin/php do_actions.php'

Definition at line 92 of file do_actions.php.