Alternc  3.2
Alternc logiel libre pour l'h├ębergement
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3.0.0~3.php File Reference

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if(!function_exists('mysql_connect')) $panel = ''
 if (empty($panel))
 $db2 = new DB_System()
$admin enabled = 1
 $query = array()
 $query2 = array()

Variable Documentation

$db2 = new DB_System()

Definition at line 19 of file 3.0.0~3.php.

Referenced by FixQuotaDovecot().

if (!function_exists('mysql_connect')) $panel = ''

Definition at line 11 of file 3.0.0~3.php.

$query2 = array()

Definition at line 58 of file 3.0.0~3.php.

$admin enabled = 1

Definition at line 21 of file 3.0.0~3.php.


Definition at line 15 of file 3.0.0~3.php.